The artist’s book appears in the daily newspaper’s book reviews column every time a new one is published. In addition there are newpaper feature articles, and Interviews with the artist.

Interviews with the author about her work; motive behind books, work subjects, interests, questions on picture books, view on children, traditional art techniqes and materials, thoughts on society.

2013 - 2015


2014 Women News- This Year’s Women in Culture Award Ceremony

2014 Women News- This Year’s Women in Culture Award Ceremony

‘Will do meaningful work as a woman culture ambassador’

2014 Women News- Interview with the author

‘Picture books are the window to the world’- First Work <Manhee’s House>, <Flower Granny> covering comfort women is a work with no regrets, Up next a book on the Jeju 43 Uprising

 Women News- Interview with the author

Osan News –Interview with the author

2014 Osan News –Interview with the author

  ‘A native of Osan, author of  <Manhee’s House> Kwon Yoon Duck – The strength to live life is found inside oneself.’

2014 List

Keeping It Real-Children's book Author Kwon Yoon-duck



2014 Pound

The Lost Archives – Memories of a comfort woman

Memories Archive – The testimony of comfort women who are sexual crime victims of Japanese army have been told for the past 20 years, but during this time many of these elderly women have passed away. Many of their testimonies and evidence are becoming ‘dead materials’ now. This exhibition talks about the process of these archives that are being obmitted and altered. Kwon Yoon Duk’s <Flower Granny> is a record through a picture book, which is one of the most public and easy means of communication….

2014 Mentoringbook

Creating Picture books – A road to the completion of my life



Educational Broadcasting Station (EBS)

2013 Educational Broadcasting Station (EBS) ebs.simdalyeon.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH,

(5min 5 sec)

Author Kwon turns the story of Sim Dal Yeon and her love of flowers, into a picture book, and asks the question what and how we shall remember when the comfort women pass away.






 2007 Nanjing Conference in China where all picture book artists from Korea, Japan and China meet together

 Monitering with Japanese middle school students

Hankyoreh Sinmun

2013 Hankyoreh Sinmun – Movie Review of Big Picture

 ‘Big Picture- Aug. 14th‘

Munhwa Ilbo

2013 Munhwa Ilbo –Documentary movie –Big Picture

“ Why did we film a documentary of the work process leading to the “comfort women” picture book?“

  Author Kwon working together with the Japanese editor, unable to publish in Japan due to its political right scene.

-‘Big Picture’ released on Independence day

Choson Ilbo- Choson Ilbo Book of the Year

 2013 Choson Ilbo- Choson Ilbo Book of the Year - Pikaia

 ‘Puppy, Kklodugi will you listen to my problems?”


2013 List

Dog-eared Stories- Pikaia

Cine 21

Cine 21

Cine 21

2013 Cine 21

This is our problem

Actress Kim Yeo Jin and author Kwon Yoon Duk talk about ‘comfort women’ and the movie <Big Picture>

- Two characters appear in the documentary <Big Picture>. ‘ Comfort women’ victim Sim Dal Yeon, and Kwon Yoon Duk, author of the book <Flower Granny>, which tells the story of Sim.


2013 Sisain

<Flower Granny> - Look at the pain in front - A picture book is a window that can show the world in more depth and width

School Library Journal

2013 School Library Journal

I want to draw a picture book to read, not one to be read to- New release <Pikaia>

Children and Literature

2013 Children and Literature

Dreaming about cooperation not competition - Picture book author Kwon Yoon Duck

Changbi Kids


2013 Changbi Kids

Meeting the author of <Flower Granny>,  Kwon Yoon Duck

The changes after <Flower Granny>, Kwon Yoon Duck’s map making method, flowers and granny and granny’s tears, a book that cannot be shut.

Ggaedong’s House Magazine

Ggaedong’s House Magazine- Jung Byong Gyu meets our picture book author


“I can eat food by drawing pictures because someone else is farming. I dreamt while drawing this book. I dreamt that all people working became happy, that farmers farming cabbage would no longer destroy their crop, that local doctors would not have to see a patient every 3 minutes like a machine, and that clothes made with care would not see their prices slashed so low that they are sold cheap as inventory….I drew the pictures hoping people who have worked for decades would not see their lives trodden by reality. “

- Ggaedong’s House Magazine (June, 2014)


Changbi Kids


2013 Changbi Kids

Book Review- <Pikaia> Precious for living

Children and LIterature

2013 Children and LIterature

Inside picture book- In what form are you waiting?